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  • In-Person Consultations
    • We provide in-person consultations for $300.  Such fees will be collected before the consultation begins. We credit initial consultation fees against work performed for you later, making the initial consultation free to subsequent clients.
  • Retainers & Hourly Rates
    • If you choose to work with us on an hourly basis, we will assess your billing needs and arrange a reasonable retainer fee for you.  Retainers are a sum of money clients pay before the start of work.  We hold such retainer in trust for the client and subtract our hourly fees and costs from such retainer fee.
  • Flat Fees
    • We work with you to determine a single fee, paid before the start of services, so that you can accurately budget the cost of your legal representation.  The fee varies depending on the nature of the case.
  • Percentage, Deferred or Contingency Billing
    • Offered only in special circumstances.